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Payment kiosks, vending machines, various touch booths, parking machines essentially facilitate our modern life, allowing  to save the time and to bring automation of the business to perfection. In streets of our country we can see the various quantities of kiosks. Stability of work of these  devices  depends on use of the qualitative and checked up accessories.

Almost all kiosks possess the convenient interface, i.e. touch screen display, sometimes it named touch screen  - from an English word touchscreen, designating the touch screen. Qualitative touch glass should work without failures 24 hours a day, maintaining   ten thousand touches monthly. In the market of booths for use in premises the leader of sales the touch display MasterTouch working in more than 80.000 various booths. Also touch screens General Touch are also in steady demand.

It is impossible to imagine any payment kiosk without of money reception  - a bill acceptor. The given device is used for reception of cash denominations, recognition of their face value and storage. Quality of a bill acceptor is defined by speed of work, reliability of the mechanism of recognition (automatic calibration of optical, inductive and capacitor gages), possibility of prevention of jamming of banknotes, and also control function over attempt of withdrawal of a denomination (thanks to gages of cross-section control). In our country the leading position in a segment of payment terminals belongs to the Canadian manufacturer company CashCode. Bill acceptor CashCode SM  is placed  in 80 % of terminals. Also it is necessary to mention the American manufacturer of bill acceptors Mei Group. Bill acceptor Mei CashFlow can also be present on the leading position, regarding its reliability and quality.

And what to do with coins? Sure, the coin acceptor is “must have”. According to experts, the coin acceptor in payment sphere should work under the protocol ccTalk and have the USB interface connection thru USB port. Coin acceptor Microcoin SP will allow you as much as possible  to accept metal money. Accumulation of coins, and also their delivery are carried out by a hopper. Our Smart Hopper GA401, supporting protocol eSSP, is the convenient and inexpensive decision, covering almost all scopes of application: from a casino to parking’s.  

In many cases the client needs to give out the receipt or the check. This problem can be solved by placing the thermal printer or the fiscal printer in the kiosk . The Italian thermal printer Custom VKP80 occupies assured leading positions in our market dividing a palm with the Japanese manufacturer of thermal printers Citizen with model Citizen PPU700. Both models possess with presenter and retractor, have support of all payment systems and differ enviable quality of assemblage and the big resource, and also low working costs.

If it is necessary to make delivery of denominations to the client, so-called cash out for such purposes we offer a cash dispenser  of Korean company Puloon. A cash dispenser  Puloon LCDM-2000, designed for two values of banknotes . Model Puloon ECDM200 of higher level is established in cash dispenses. Puloon could offer that parity of the price and quality so necessary to the market.

To read card VISA, to give out the written down contactless card to the client – all these needs can be fulfilled by the cards-readers and cards-dispensers . Japanese cards-readers Sankyo 3K5 it is checked up by time, it is widely known and it is supported by many systems. Also the young company from the Peoples Republic of China - Creator (China) offers balanced on the price and quality of the decision for reading of all kinds of cards, and also their record and delivery.

We select brands for you "manually", we provide constant presence  of all the goods in our warehouse . We are a “client oriented”   company - we simply work for you.